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DishGen is a revolutionary AI-powered recipe generator that allows users to input ingredients and preferences, and instantly generates unique recipes on demand. It helps users reduce waste, save money, and provides infinite culinary possibilities. DishGen also offers an Idea Generator tool, recipe modifications, personalized AI, and different pricing plans for free and premium accounts.


  • AI-powered recipe generator
  • Reduce waste and save money by using up leftover ingredients
  • Generate and modify infinite recipes
  • Powerful Idea Generator for meal planning
  • Free and premium account options

Use Cases

  • Meal planning and recipe ideas
  • Finding creative ways to use leftover ingredients
  • Saving and sharing recipes
  • Reducing food waste and saving money

Suited For

  • Home cooks
  • Food enthusiasts
  • People looking for recipe ideas and inspiration
  • Anyone who wants to reduce food waste and save money