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Discover Digest Diff – Let commit history tell its story with AI. Every codebase's commit history holds an untold story of progress, collaboration, and evolution. DigestDiff helps you tell those stories privately using AI-driven tools that rely only on commit history, not code.

Use Cases

  • Get a codebase overview by weaving commit breadcrumbs into a detailed narrative.
  • Accelerate onboarding by stepping into past developers' shoes and getting up to speed quickly.
  • Recap your recent work for standups, retrospectives, and reports.
  • Create streamlined, informative release notes using your git commit history.


  • Codebase Overview: Uncover the story behind the commit log and trace the code's journey.
  • Instant Standup Update: Succinctly summarize your recent work for quick updates.
  • Create Release Notes: Leverage AI to automate detailed release notes.
  • Privacy First: Securely access commit history without ever accessing code.

Suited For

Developers, project managers, and teams working with git repositories seeking to extract insights, accelerate onboarding, and automate release note creation using commit history.