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Digest Diff is an AI-driven tool that makes use of commit history to provide codebase overviews, generate standup updates, and create detailed release notes without accessing the code itself. It helps developers tell the story behind the commit log, get insights into the authors' contributions, and trace the evolutionary journey of the code over time. With Digest Diff, teams can accelerate their onboarding process by quickly getting up to speed with a codebase, save time by automatically summarizing their work for standups, retrospectives, and reports, and easily create informative release notes without the need to access the actual code. The tool prioritizes privacy and security by requesting only read-only access to GitHub repositories and never storing any generated release notes or codebase overviews.


  • Codebase overviews: Digest Diff provides a detailed narrative summary of a codebase based on commit history, offering insights into the authors' contributions and the evolutionary journey of the code.
  • Standup updates: The tool helps developers summarize their recent work in a concise and accurate format, perfect for standups, retrospectives, and weekly reports.
  • Release notes creation: Digest Diff leverages git commit history to generate detailed and informative release notes, allowing teams to automate the process and focus on creating great software.

Use Cases

  • Accelerate onboarding: Digest Diff enables developers to quickly familiarize themselves with a codebase by stepping into the shoes of past developers and getting a comprehensive codebase overview.
  • Efficient reporting: Developers can easily recap their recent work and share it with their team, saving time and ensuring accurate updates for standups, retrospectives, and reports.
  • Automated release notes: The tool streamlines the process of creating release notes by using AI to generate detailed notes based on commit history, freeing up time for the team to focus on software development.

Suited For

  • Developers
  • Development teams
  • Project managers