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Diagram is a design tool that uses AI to empower users to unleash their creativity with AI-powered design tools.

It offers features like Magic Icon that generates infinitely scalable SVG icons, Magician that turns ideas into design assets, Magic Image that quickly generates visuals in Figma, Magic Copy that writes real copy for Figma text layers, and many more.


  • Magic Icon: Generates infinitely scalable SVG icons for use in designs
  • Magician: Turns ideas into design assets
  • Magic Image: Quickly generates visuals in Figma while designing
  • Magic Copy: Writes real copy for Figma text layers
  • AI Spellbook: Provides all the latest AI design advancements and future spells in one convenient plugin
  • Genius: Creates fully-editable UI designs with just a simple product description
  • Automator: Turns long, tedious tasks into a single click

Use Cases

  • Designing with AI-powered tools
  • Generating scalable SVG icons
  • Transforming ideas into design assets
  • Quickly generating visuals while designing
  • Writing real copy for Figma text layers
  • Automating repetitive design tasks

Suited For

  • Designers
  • UI/UX professionals
  • Graphic designers
  • Content creators