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DeepCuts AI is a cutting-edge data tool that brings intelligence to your data layer. With this innovative app by Seek AI, you can effortlessly extract valuable insights from your Spotify data by simply asking questions to our AI. Whether you're curious about your top genres or specific artists, DeepCuts AI provides instant answers and insights, revolutionizing how you interact with your music data.

Use Cases

  • Music enthusiasts exploring their Spotify listening patterns.
  • Data teams seeking rapid insights from their Spotify data.
  • Businesses leveraging music data for marketing strategies.


  1. Interact with your Spotify data using natural language.
  2. Ask questions about top genres, artists, and more.
  3. Instantly receive insightful answers and data.
  4. Revolutionize data interaction within your organization.

Suited For

  • Music enthusiasts and Spotify users.
  • Data professionals and analytics teams.
  • Businesses utilizing music data for insights.