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Decoherence is a tool that allows you to create videos that can't be filmed by harnessing the power of generative AI. It is a free tool that requires no credit card to use.

With Decoherence, you can describe your video using text and let the AI generator bring your creation to life. It is perfect for creating music videos, visualizers, Spotify canvases, stock footage, educational content, artwork, and more. You have complete control over the style and visuals of your video, with a familiar timeline editor to help you bring your vision to reality.


  • AI video generation
  • Sync to audio
  • Multiple AI styles
  • Timeline editor

Use Cases

  • Creating music videos
  • Making visualizers and promos for social media
  • Generating stock footage
  • Creating educational content
  • Producing artwork

Suited For

  • Everyone who wants to create videos that can't be filmed
  • Musicians and artists
  • Content creators
  • Educators

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