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Damn Good Tools is a collection of easy-to-use and fun tools that are free and open-source.

With Damn Good Tools, you can generate privacy policies, take screenshots of websites, detect fonts, chat with an AI about PDFs, summarize URLs, fix grammar, record and transcribe audio, filter ideas, and capture scrolling screenshots.


  • Generate privacy policies according to your preferences in seconds.
  • Take screenshots of websites and popular screen dimensions.
  • Detect fonts used on any website and get links to install or download them.
  • Chat with an AI about any PDF file.
  • Summarize any website or URL quickly.
  • Fix the grammar of any text with a single click.
  • Use Damn Good Chat, a ChatGPT alternative with superb plugins.
  • Record audio and get a transcribed text with a short summary.
  • Upload audio files and get transcribed text with a short summary.
  • Filter ideas based on specific criteria and see which ideas come out on top.
  • Capture scrolling animated screenshots of any website.

Use Cases

  • Generating privacy policies for websites and online platforms.
  • Analyzing and testing website design by taking screenshots.
  • Identifying and obtaining fonts used on websites for personal or design purposes.
  • Engaging in AI-powered conversations about PDF files.
  • Summarizing the content of websites or URLs quickly.
  • Improving grammar and writing quality in texts.
  • Having interactive and plugin-rich chat conversations.
  • Recording and transcribing audio for note-taking or documentation purposes.
  • Transcribing audio files and extracting key points.
  • Filtering and organizing ideas based on specific criteria.
  • Creating scrolling animated screenshots for presentations or demonstrations.

Suited For

  • Website owners and developers needing to generate privacy policies.
  • Designers and developers looking to test website designs and capture screenshots.
  • Typographers and designers in search of fonts used on websites.
  • Users wanting to interact with an AI about PDF files.
  • Researchers or individuals looking to summarize online content.
  • Writers and editors aiming to improve their grammar and writing.
  • Users in need of versatile and plugin-enabled chat experiences.
  • Note-takers and transcribers requiring audio recording and transcription.
  • Users wanting audio files transcribed with summarized key points.
  • Individuals or teams in the process of idea generation and selection.
  • Presenters or demonstrators enhancing their materials with animated screenshots.