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Curipod is an AI-powered tool that enables teachers to create interactive lessons that promote creativity, reflection, and critical thinking. With a mission to enhance the learning experience, Curipod empowers educators to deliver engaging lessons on any topic.

With over 1,000,000 students already benefiting from Curipod, teachers can easily plan and deliver lessons with the help of AI. The tool provides a range of features to support teachers, including a workshop for exploring how Curipod can work for them, a certification course to become an AI certified teacher, and access to a community of educators.

Curipod is designed to save teachers time by automating the lesson creation process and improving the quality of lesson materials. By harnessing the power of AI, teachers can generate lessons with ease and inspire their students to become active learners.


  • Integration of AI to generate interactive lessons
  • Workshop to explore the tool's capabilities
  • Certification course to become an AI certified teacher
  • Access to a community of educators
  • Saves time by automating lesson creation process

Use Cases

  • Creating interactive lessons for students
  • Enhancing creativity, critical thinking, and reflection in lessons
  • Engaging students in active learning

Suited For

  • Teachers of all experience levels
  • Educators looking to incorporate AI in their teaching practices