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With Crystal, sales teams can uncover the DISC personality profile for any buyer, allowing them to adapt and tailor their communication to maximize the impact of every conversation. Crystal's personality data is derived from a mix of AI analysis of publicly available data points and a proprietary DISC assessment.

Crystal provides an easy-to-use suite of tools including a profile dashboard, Chrome extension, writing assistant, playbooks, enrichment, and a hiring tool to help businesses scale emotional intelligence and excellent communication skills across their entire organization. The tool also integrates with existing workflows and can be used to craft personalized messaging, understand contact base, and improve lead conversion rates, outbound response rates, and relationship building.

Trusted by over 1,000 organizations globally, Crystal's personality data has been proven to increase meeting rates, lead conversion rates, outbound response rates, and relationship building acceleration. It is suited for sales teams, business professionals, and anyone looking to enhance their communication and connection skills.


  • Profile Dashboard: Access tools and rich personality insights for yourself, coworkers, customers & candidates.
  • Chrome Extension: Uncover any personality & receive instant communication guidance with just one click.
  • Writing Assistant: Customize your messaging to align with your recipient's unique personality.
  • Playbooks: Craft cheat sheets for every conversation and approach every meeting with complete confidence.
  • Enrichment: Gain a deeper understanding of your contact base through bulk personality insights.
  • Hiring Tool: Understand which personality types are best suited for the roles your team is hiring for.
  • Integration: Activate the power of personality data into applications that are already in your day-to-day process.

Use Cases

  • Tailoring communication to different personality types
  • Improving sales conversations and relationship building
  • Enhancing team collaboration and understanding
  • Optimizing hiring and talent management processes

Suited For

  • Sales teams
  • Business professionals
  • Managers and team leaders
  • HR professionals