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Crowd Feel

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Unveil the potential of AI with Crowd Feel, the innovative tool designed to gauge the reactions of your target audience to your LinkedIn posts, drafts, and more. Explore the magic of AI-driven crowd sentiment analysis.

Use Cases

  • LinkedIn Posts: Analyze crowd reactions to your LinkedIn posts and drafts.


Discover the key features that make Crowd Feel an exceptional tool for understanding audience sentiments.

  • AI-Powered Analysis: Leverage AI to sense reactions of your target audience.
  • Persona-Based Assessment: Define your reader's persona for more accurate analysis.
  • Real-Time Insights: Witness the AI's magic in predicting crowd reactions.

Suited For

Crowd Feel is tailored for individuals and professionals seeking to harness AI to comprehend audience reactions and enhance their LinkedIn engagement strategies.

  • LinkedIn Enthusiasts: Analyze and optimize LinkedIn engagement through crowd sentiment insights.
  • Content Creators: Utilize AI analysis to tailor content for enhanced audience engagement.