Arktan logo is an AI Content Intelligence & Strategy Platform that uses computational MRX and predictive analytics to provide actionable insights and in-depth psychographic profiling for audience research and brand storytelling.

With features such as AI-powered audience research, hidden insight discovery, team empowerment, and user-friendly interface, CrawlQ simplifies the market research process and enables users to craft effective marketing strategies.


  • AI-powered audience research in a single click
  • Uncover hidden insights about audience demographics, preferences, and behaviors
  • Streamline workflow and provide data for sales and marketing teams
  • Deliver precise insights for risk reduction and informed decision-making
  • Automate research process to save time and money
  • User-friendly design for smooth and efficient brand marketing

Use Cases

  • Researching and understanding target audience preferences
  • Crafting precise audience personas
  • Developing high-impact brand storytelling
  • Enhancing market research strategies with AI-generated insights

Suited For

  • Brand marketers
  • Marketing and sales teams
  • Businesses and content teams
  • Market researchers


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