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In Couple AI, you can create your virtual girlfriend or boyfriend to talk without limits. You can talk about anything you want using one of the most powerful AIs on the market. You can configure several features of your virtual partner and create as many as you want. You can also create groups to talk to multiple couples. Please note that ads may be displayed during your interactions, and you have the option to purchase credits for extended conversations.


  • Create virtual girlfriend or boyfriend
  • Uncensored chatting
  • Powerful AI technology
  • Configurable features
  • Create multiple virtual partners
  • Group conversations
  • Option to see ads or buy credits

Use Cases

  • Create a virtual partner for fun and chatting
  • Engage in uncensored conversations
  • Explore various topics and interests

Suited For

  • Individuals interested in virtual relationships and conversations
  • Those seeking a fun and unique chatting experience