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Lychee is a platform that offers stunning, professionally edited clips for social media promotion. It provides easy-to-use video editing tools that can transform your existing video or podcast content into high-quality clips. With Lychee, you can quickly scale your short-form video output without compromising on quality.

The platform offers a hybrid AI/human video solution, combining the benefits of AI automation with human creativity and judgment. This ensures that your clips are not only affordable but also of high quality, with the potential to reach thousands of views. Lychee's features include personalized branding options, key moments detection, multiple aspect ratios, and contextually created b-rolls. The platform also offers easy revisions and human moderation to maintain the highest standard of video content. Whether you are a marketing leader, agency, or individual content creator, Lychee can help you streamline your content promotion and save time and money.


  • Stunning professional edited clips for social media promotion
  • Hybrid AI/human video editing solution
  • Affordable pricing with high-quality output
  • Personalized branding options
  • Key moments detection and multiple aspect ratios
  • Contextually created b-rolls
  • Easy revisions and human moderation

Use Cases

  • Creating premium clips for social media promotion
  • Scaling short-form video output without compromising on quality
  • Streamlining content promotion workflow

Suited For

  • Marketing leaders
  • Agencies
  • Content creators