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Convai is a conversational AI service that enables characters in games, metaverse, and XR to have human-like conversations and carry out actions.

With an easy-to-use interface, you can create characters with unique backstories, voices, and expertise, and connect them to your character assets and virtual worlds.

Convai also offers plugins for integration with game engines, allowing your characters to have open ended voice-based conversations and interact with their environment.


  • Create characters with unique backstories, voices, and expertise
  • Connect characters with NPC assets in game engines
  • Enable characters to have open-ended voice-based conversations
  • Perceive the virtual environment and carry out actions

Use Cases

  • Mod games to enable NPCs with open ended conversation capabilities
  • Onboard users with conversational characters
  • Enable companion bots with intelligence to carry out commands and strategies

Suited For

  • Game developers
  • Metaverse creators
  • XR enthusiasts

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