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Contlo is an AI native marketing platform that enables modern businesses to leverage their brand's own generative AI Model to run & optimize end-to-end marketing. Boost sales by driving customer retention via personalized campaigns and automated customer journeys across Email, SMS, WhatsApp, Webpush & Social media. Also leverage Contlo's AI to manage audiences, collect data, and get business/performance insights at fingertips.


  • AI Personalized Campaigns for Every Customer Touchpoint
  • Generative Customer Journey
  • AI Powered Customer Segmentation for One-to-One Personalization
  • Marketing Analytics, Reimagined for AI Native World
  • Autonomous Conversational Marketing

Use Cases

  • Engaging one-time shoppers and turning them into loyal customers by delivering personalized campaigns throughout the shopping journey
  • Delivering timely health tips, appointment reminders, and personalized care tips in the healthcare industry
  • Boosting conversions and trust in financial services by providing financial insights and transaction alerts
  • Enriching the entertainment experience for audiences through exclusive previews and personalized content recommendations in the media and entertainment industry
  • Sending real-time in-game activity updates, offers, and more to keep players captivated and coming back for more in the gaming industry
  • Engaging students and educators with course reminders, personalized learning paths, and content across channels in the education industry

Suited For

  • Modern businesses
  • Marketing teams
  • Businesses in ecommerce, healthcare, financial services, media & entertainment, gaming, and education industries