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CodiumAI is a code generation and test suggestion tool that provides non-trivial suggestions and tests right inside your IDE or Git platform, helping you code smart, create more value, and stay confident when you push.

It analyzes your code, docstring, and comments to suggest tests as you code, giving you full visibility of how your code behaves and how changes affect the rest of your code. By generating meaningful tests, you can spend fewer hours writing questionable test cases and more time developing useful features for your users.


  • Non-trivial test suggestions
  • Interactive and customizable
  • Supports popular IDEs and Git platforms
  • Full visibility of code behavior
  • Increased productivity

Use Cases

  • Generating meaningful tests
  • Improving code quality
  • Increasing confidence when pushing code
  • Saving time on writing test cases

Suited For

  • Software developers
  • Team collaboration


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