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CodeThreat offers AI-powered static application security testing (SAST) solutions that provide comprehensive and accurate code analysis with minimal false positives. The tool seamlessly integrates into your development pipeline, supports a wide range of programming languages, and helps achieve regulatory compliance. It provides real-time reporting, an intuitive interface, and precise taint analysis with reduced false positives. CodeThreat also offers an AI Assistant that provides instant feedback, smart remediation, and realistic attack scenarios. Additionally, it includes advanced decompilation capabilities to scan various file types. CodeThreat aims to enhance code security with simplicity, speed, and accuracy.


  • Seamless integration into development pipeline
  • Wide-ranging language support
  • Assisted regulatory compliance
  • Real-time reporting
  • Developer-friendly experience
  • Taint analysis precision
  • AI Assistant for instant feedback and smart remediation
  • Advanced decompilation for comprehensive scanning

Use Cases

  • Secure code development with minimal false positives
  • Integrating code analysis into CI/CD pipelines
  • Achieving and maintaining regulatory compliance
  • Real-time insights for proactive vulnerability management
  • User-friendly code security analysis for all team members
  • Meticulous detection of potential vulnerabilities with reduced false positives
  • Guidance and solutions for rectifying security weaknesses
  • Understanding real-world attack scenarios
  • Comprehensive scanning of DLL, EXE, APK, and JAR files

Suited For

  • Software developers
  • Security analysts
  • DevOps teams
  • Compliance officers


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