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Codefy is an AI-first coding toolkit that helps developers code faster by providing powerful AI tools. It is trusted by over 5,000 developers.

Codefy offers features such as the Flow Editor, token counter, lightning-fast performance, and token optimization. The Flow Editor allows users to code with LLMs (Language Models) and provides a new way to code. The token counter helps users stay within token limits when coding. Codefy also offers keyboard shortcuts for lightning-fast coding and each LLM query only requires previous code and a plaintext prompt, making it token-optimized. The Flow Editor eliminates unnecessary explanations, allowing users to work faster.


  • Flow Editor for coding with LLMs
  • Token counter to stay within token limits
  • Lightning-fast performance with keyboard shortcuts
  • Token-optimized LLM queries
  • Focused on code only with the Flow Editor

Use Cases

  • Coding faster using powerful AI tools
  • Enhancing workflow with smart developer tools

Suited For

  • Developers
  • Programmers
  • Coding enthusiasts