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CheatGPT is an AI-driven study tool that provides instant solutions, in-depth explanations, exam assistance, English translations, grammar corrections, and more, using the power of GPT-4 for a smarter study experience.


  • Instant solutions to problems
  • In-depth explanations
  • Exam assistance
  • English translations
  • Grammar corrections
  • GPT-4 Vision for image questions
  • Virtual tutor in 14 different subjects
  • Concise answers for faster learning
  • Translations and grammar corrections

Use Cases

  • Getting instant solutions to academic questions
  • Getting in-depth explanations for better understanding
  • Receiving assistance with exams
  • Translating sentences to multiple languages
  • Correcting grammar mistakes
  • Getting answers to image-related questions
  • Having a virtual tutor in various subjects

Suited For

  • Students of all levels
  • Individuals studying for exams
  • Language learners
  • Students needing grammar support
  • Individuals seeking quick and concise explanations
  • Students seeking assistance with visual questions