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ChatWizard is a tool that allows you to connect a knowledge base or game wiki to build a ChatGPT-like chatbot for your favorite game, with the option to chat with it or share it with your friends.


  • Build custom chatbots for internal use, sales, FAQs, or customer assistance in 3 minutes or less, with zero coding required.
  • Import data sources, upload files (PDF, Word, TXT), or add a website for crawling to train your chatbot.
  • Customize the behavior and appearance of your chatbot to match your website or brand, including custom colors, suggestions, and messages.
  • Embed the chat widget on any website or platform with just 3 lines of HTML code.
  • Integrate with any platform, such as Webflow or WordPress.
  • Experience reliable customer assistance with swift query resolutions available 24/7.
  • Use ChatWizard as a cost-effective sales agent that drives results without breaking the bank.
  • Build custom ChatGPTs in over 30 languages.

Use Cases

  • Build custom chatbots for internal use within your organization.
  • Create sales or marketing agents to drive results.
  • Provide reliable customer assistance with personalized support.
  • Build custom ChatGPTs for game wikis or knowledge bases.
  • Enhance visitor experience and increase engagement on your website.
  • Create chatbots for data analysis, FAQs, or customer interaction.

Suited For

  • Companies and organizations looking to build custom chatbots for various purposes, including internal use, sales, and customer assistance.
  • Game developers or enthusiasts looking to create chatbots for game wikis or knowledge bases.
  • Website owners who want to enhance visitor experience and engagement.