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Introducing Chatty: Your solution to overcome email overload. With Chatty, you can regain control of your inbox and respond to emails more efficiently than ever. This AI-powered tool streamlines your email communication, saving you time and valuable resources. Customizable tone options and professional AI-generated messages ensure that your email responses are both personalized and polished. Chatty's Gmail extension further enhances your email management experience by enabling quick replies directly within the Gmail interface. Stay tuned for upcoming features like attachment summarization and tone selection, adding even more value to your email communication.

Use Cases

  • Streamlining Email Communication: Respond to emails efficiently and save time.
  • Personalized and Professional Communication: Customize tone and maintain a polished email demeanor.


  • Customizable Tone Options: Easily personalize messages to align with your voice.
  • Professional AI-Generated Messages: Maintain a polished and professional email tone.
  • Gmail Extension: Seamlessly integrate Chatty with Gmail for quick replies within the interface.
  • Attachment Summarizer (Coming Soon): Get summaries of attachments without opening files.
  • Tone Selector (Coming Soon): Adjust email tone to match your style or message nature.

Suited For

Chatty is designed for individuals and professionals seeking to optimize their email communication. Whether you're looking to respond faster, maintain a professional tone, or personalize messages, Chatty's AI-powered features are ideal for enhancing your email management experience.