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ChatLLaMA: Your Personal AI Assistant Powered by LoRA

Introducing ChatLLaMA, your AI assistant powered by LoRA! Create customized personal assistants that run on GPUs. Utilizing LoRA trained on Anthropic's HH dataset, ChatLLaMA models seamless conversations between AI assistants and users. The RLHF version of LoRA is coming soon! Join the revolution of AI-assisted conversations with ChatLLaMA.


ChatLLaMA offers a unique opportunity to build customized AI assistants using the power of LoRA. With GPU support and versatile models, ChatLLaMA enhances interactions and conversations, offering a novel AI-assisted experience.

Use Cases

  • Create customized personal AI assistants for various tasks.
  • Model seamless conversations between AI assistants and users.
  • Enhance user experience with AI-assisted interactions.


  • GPU Support: Run custom AI assistants directly on GPUs.
  • LoRA Integration: Leverage LoRA trained on Anthropic's HH dataset for realistic conversations.
  • Model Versatility: Choose from 30B, 13B, and 7B versions for tailored experiences.
  • Customizable Experience: Revolutionize interactions with AI-assisted conversations.

Suited For

  1. Developers aiming to create customized AI assistants.
  2. Users seeking enhanced and realistic AI-assisted conversations.
  3. Individuals interested in GPU-powered AI interactions.