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ChatGPT Website Builder is an AI-powered tool that allows you to generate websites, complete with copy and images, in just 30 seconds. With the ability to build websites by typing in natural language and customize them to your liking, this tool provides a quick and easy way to create a stunning online presence. It also offers free hosting, SSL, and automated custom domain, making it convenient and cost-effective. Additionally, the tool provides AI-driven marketing features, such as generating ad and social creatives, email responses, articles, and blogs. It is designed to analyze your business and create relevant content, helping you optimize your online presence and improve customer engagement.


  • Build websites by typing in natural language.
  • Customize your website to fit your needs.
  • Free hosting, SSL, and automated custom domain.
  • Generate ad and social creatives with AI.
  • Generate email responses with AI.
  • Create articles, blogs, and SEO-ready content with AI.
  • Optimize your enterprise resources with AI.

Use Cases

  • Create websites quickly and easily.
  • Customize websites for personal or business use.
  • Generate marketing materials with AI.
  • Automate content creation for blogs and articles.
  • Optimize enterprise resources with AI.

Suited For

  • Individuals or businesses looking to quickly create professional websites.
  • Content creators who need assistance with generating marketing materials and content.
  • Enterprises aiming to optimize their resources.


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