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Charm is an AI-powered tool that automates mundane spreadsheet work such as cleaning messy data, generating content, categorizing feedback, and more.


  • Automatically normalize addresses, separate columns, and extract entities to clean messy data.
  • Rewrite SEO content, write blog posts, and generate product description variations using AI.
  • Generate synthetic data like names, addresses, and phone numbers for testing purposes.
  • Generate bullet-point summaries and rewrite content with fewer words.
  • Categorize product feedback, prioritize sales leads, and discover trends using AI.
  • Create customized templates in minutes using Charm's editor.

Use Cases

  • Cleaning and normalizing messy data in spreadsheets.
  • Generating content for SEO, blog posts, and product descriptions.
  • Summarizing content and rewriting existing text.
  • Categorizing feedback and prioritizing sales leads.
  • Creating custom templates for various spreadsheet tasks.

Suited For

  • Analysts
  • Marketers
  • Product Managers
  • Anyone who wants to automate spreadsheet tasks.