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The Censius AI Observability and Model Monitoring Platform is designed to provide end-to-end visibility and proactive management of AI models, allowing teams to understand, analyze, and improve the real-world performance of their models. It offers features such as comparing different model versions, conducting data and feature quality checks, verifying model performance using metrics, automating post-production workflows, collecting traffic and metadata logs, continuously monitoring models for drifts, proactively detecting suspicious patterns, performing root cause analysis, and visualizing model performance in dashboards. Censius is suited for machine learning engineers, data scientists, and product and business stakeholders who want to ensure the reliability and transparency of their AI models.


  • Compare different model versions
  • Conduct data & feature quality checks
  • Verify model performance using metrics
  • Automate post-production workflow
  • Collect traffic and metadata logs
  • Continuously monitor models for drifts
  • Proactively detect suspicious patterns
  • Explain decisions to customers with clarity
  • Perform root cause analysis
  • Visualize model performance in dashboards

Use Cases

  • Detect and analyze model drifts
  • Get root cause analysis of decisions
  • Analyze performance of cohorts

Suited For

  • Machine Learning Engineers
  • Product and Business Stakeholders
  • Data Scientists

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