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Cargo is a revenue infrastructure tool that enables businesses to create efficient processes to maximize their go-to-market (GTM) efficiency. It is designed to help sales teams execute repeatable playbooks that unlock revenue growth without the need for extensive engineering resources. Cargo is the #1 Customer Data Platform (CDP) built specifically for sales, allowing businesses to connect their entire tech stack and leverage disparate data to drive growth. With Cargo, businesses can easily integrate and score qualified leads at scale, empowering their sales teams to focus on what they do best - selling.

The tool abstracts the data warehouse to make it accessible to non-technical users, driving data democratization within organizations. Cargo streamlines the revenue infrastructure, serving as a growth engine for businesses, particularly those aiming to scale. It provides a centralized platform to connect and harmonize different data sources and create personalized, targeted campaigns for optimized revenue generation. By automating and simplifying many revenue-related processes, Cargo saves valuable time for sales teams, enabling them to focus on converting leads into customers.


  • CDP (Customer Data Platform) for sales
  • End-to-end revenue infrastructure
  • Integration and scoring of qualified leads
  • Automated playbook execution
  • Data warehouse abstraction for non-technical users
  • Tech stack integration

Use Cases

  • Maximizing go-to-market (GTM) efficiency
  • Streamlining revenue infrastructure
  • Scaling businesses
  • Data democratization
  • Personalized and targeted campaigns for revenue generation

Suited For

  • Sales teams
  • Revenue teams
  • Businesses aiming to scale
  • Non-technical users interested in data democratization

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