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CalqTalk is a tool that aims to transform the way we work, providing a lighter, faster, and more comfortable experience. It offers features like real-time minutes creation, AI-powered search for meeting minutes and documents, and centralized management of sales, recruitment, and knowledge. It also supports planning and strategic development, and offers a Dark Mode for better visibility. With CalqTalk, users can unleash their creativity and make their work more productive.


  • Real-time minutes creation with agenda, issues, proposals, tasks, and tracking
  • AI-powered search for meeting minutes and documents
  • AI reading and explanation of complex documents
  • Centralized management of sales, recruitment, and knowledge
  • Support for planning and strategic development
  • Dark Mode for improved visibility

Use Cases

  • Taking real-time minutes during conversations
  • Searching and organizing meeting minutes and documents
  • Managing sales and recruitment processes
  • Collaborative planning and strategic development
  • Improving visibility and comfort with Dark Mode

Suited For

  • Professionals in various industries
  • Teams and organizations of all sizes