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CaliberAI is an AI platform that specializes in fine-tuning LLMs (Large Language Models) to detect potentially harmful or risky content. With its advanced AI technology, CaliberAI helps protect online brands from defamation, hate speech, doxxing, IP disclosure, climate denial, reputation damage, and other risky content.

CaliberAI offers a range of solutions and products, including comment moderation, article evaluation, writing and editing assistance, and review of published and archived content. It is designed for anyone with a keyboard, providing near real-time flagging of high-risk content, AI editing assistance to augment human oversight, and customizable thresholds to match an organization's risk tolerance. The platform also offers browser extensions, social media plugins, CMS integration, and more to enhance productivity and mitigate risk.

CaliberAI's technology is trusted by leading companies and organizations such as DMG Media, Trinity College Dublin, and Enterprise Ireland.


  • Fine-tuning LLMs to detect risky content
  • Comment moderation to protect social media and comment feeds
  • Article evaluation to scan for risk pre-publication
  • Writing and editing assistance for real-time detection
  • Review published and archived content for legacy risk
  • Customizable thresholds to match an organization's risk tolerance
  • Browser extension, social media plugins, and CMS integration

Use Cases

  • Protecting online brands from defamation and harmful content
  • Minimizing the risk of reputation damage
  • Enhancing content moderation and editorial workflow
  • Reviewing and evaluating potentially risky content

Suited For

  • Brands and organizations seeking to protect their online presence
  • Content moderators and editors
  • Publishers and media organizations
  • Online platforms and social media companies