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The Brand AI Model is a generative AI tool that allows businesses to create personalized marketing strategies and activities based on their brand identity and attributes. It leverages AI to generate brand-consistent copy and visuals, schedule email and SMS campaigns, and run experiments to identify winning creatives and copy in real-time. With the Brand AI Model, businesses can maximize engagement and create generative customer journeys that boost customer retention and drive sales.


  • Deeply understanding the brand by adding brand story, identity, design language, tonality, and aesthetic attributes
  • Generating brand-consistent, high-converting copy and creatives
  • Creating self-creating customer journeys and automatically scheduling email and SMS campaigns based on dynamic user actions
  • Running automatic experiments to identify winning creatives and copy in real-time
  • Integrating brand attributes in generative AI models to enable contextual personalization of brand creatives

Use Cases

  • Contextual generation of marketing emails
  • Personalized marketing strategies and activities
  • Generative customer journeys for maximum engagement
  • Automated scheduling of campaigns based on user actions
  • Real-time experimentation to optimize creatives and copy

Suited For

  • Modern businesses looking to personalize their marketing strategies and activities
  • Brands that want to create generative customer journeys and improve customer retention
  • Businesses that want to automate campaign scheduling and optimize marketing assets


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