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Botika is an AI-powered tool that allows fashion retailers to create professional product images using AI-generated models, helping to cut photo production costs and boost sales. With Botika, you can upload your existing on-model photos and transform them into an unlimited selection of high-quality product images. You can also choose from Botika's diversified AI-generated model gallery, which is free from any licensing restrictions. Additionally, the tool allows you to easily swap backgrounds and create lifestyle photos, optimizing photo backgrounds and turning standard studio shots into eye-catching editorials with a click of a button.

Botika has been trusted and recognized by numerous fashion brands, with users praising its impressive results and the cost and time savings it provides. The tool offers different pricing plans that scale according to your needs and includes features such as fast processing time, multiple models to choose from, headless photo enhancement, and soon-to-be added background change capabilities. With Botika, you can elevate your brand's presence in the market, increase conversion rates, and create professional studio-grade images to appeal to your customers.


  • Transform existing on-model photos into professional product images
  • Diversified AI-generated model gallery
  • Swap backgrounds and create lifestyle photos
  • Optimize photo backgrounds to create eye-catching editorials
  • Turn everyday photos into professional studio-grade images

Use Cases

  • Create high-quality product images for fashion retailers
  • Cut photo production costs
  • Boost sales and conversion rates

Suited For

  • Fashion retailers