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BotDistrikt is a complete chatbot solution that allows businesses to build user-focused chatbots without any coding knowledge. It offers features like designing virtual personalities, qualifying leads, running drip campaigns, and analyzing data to optimize conversations and conversions. The tool also provides features like human handovers, omnichannel inbox management, and customizable options for developers. BotDristikt aims to make chatbot building easy, fun, and smart.


  • Design virtual personalities for engaging customer conversations
  • Qualify and segment leads based on predefined rules
  • Run personalized drip campaigns for targeted messaging
  • Analyze data to understand customer preferences and optimize conversations
  • Enable seamless human handovers for complex issues
  • Manage conversations from multiple channels in one inbox
  • Customize chatbots with logical conditions, regex patterns, AI training, API integrations, and JavaScript functions
  • Connect with external systems through webhooks
  • Store and recall conversation context for better continuity
  • Combine AI and rules to scale training while maintaining control
  • Integrate with popular tools for deployment

Use Cases

  • Build chatbots for customer engagement and lead qualification
  • Automate lead nurturing through personalized drip campaigns
  • Analyze customer data to improve conversation effectiveness
  • Manage customer conversations on multiple channels in one place
  • Customize chatbots for specific business needs
  • Integrate chatbots with existing systems and tools

Suited For

  • Startups
  • Enterprises