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Blockode AI Photo Studio is a tool that allows users to generate AI photoshoots by writing prompts, enabling them to capture their unique style. Users can upload selfies, wait for the tool to build a studio based on the photos, and then use their imagination to craft the perfect prompt. The tool offers features such as image-to-image generation, manual prompt input, export to 4K images, public gallery, commercial license, and sponsorship options.


  • Upload selfies and generate AI photoshoots
  • Custom-trained model for 1 studio with 50 AI photoshoots
  • 10 AI prompt assists
  • Image-to-image generator
  • Manual prompt input
  • Export to 4K images
  • Public gallery
  • Commercial license
  • Sponsorship options

Use Cases

  • Generate AI photoshoots that capture your unique style
  • Create professional images for personal or commercial use
  • Share your AI-generated photos in a public gallery or for sponsorships

Suited For

  • Individuals looking to create AI photoshoots with their unique style
  • Photographers and artists seeking to enhance their creative work
  • Businesses or influencers in need of professional images for marketing or branding purposes