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BLACKBOX AI is a powerful AI tool designed specifically for developers, offering a range of features to enhance coding efficiency and productivity.

With more than 6 million developers relying on Blackbox Code Chat, this AI model can provide instant assistance in coding queries, bug fixes, feature building, code refactoring, and more.

Leveraging real-time knowledge of the world, Blackbox AI can also answer questions about recent events, technological advancements, product releases, API documentation, and more.

Integrated with VSCode, this tool suggests the next lines of code based on your repository context, streamlining the coding process and boosting productivity.


  • Assisting developers in answering coding questions
  • Suggesting the next lines of code based on repository context
  • Providing real-time knowledge about recent events, technology, product releases, and API documentation

Use Cases

  • Getting coding queries answered instantly
  • Enhancing coding efficiency and productivity
  • Streamlining code refactoring and bug fixing
  • Staying updated with recent developments in technology and events

Suited For

  • Developers of all levels
  • Individuals working on coding projects
  • Those seeking quick and accurate code suggestions and insights


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