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Create personalised, instant bedtime stories in seconds. Generate a story about your child, with family members as characters, add a genre, art style, moral and much more – using artificial intelligence.


  • Customise the characters and story to include your child and family members
  • Choose from a variety of genres, art styles, and morals to create a unique bedtime story
  • Access a library of over 35,000 stories created by the community
  • No credit card required to get started

Use Cases

  • Create personalized bedtime stories for your child
  • Engage your child in the storytelling process by involving them as a character in the story
  • Explore a variety of stories from the open library and share them with friends and family

Suited For

  • Parents who want to create unique and personalized bedtime stories for their children
  • Children who enjoy being part of the story and seeing themselves as characters