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Auto-Gmail: Your AI Email Agent

Introducing Auto-Gmail, the revolutionary AI-powered solution that transforms your email management. With Auto-Gmail, you can delegate the task of drafting responses to your inbound emails to ChatGPT. Say goodbye to the mundane task of crafting replies and say hello to automated and personalized email communication!


Auto-Gmail is your AI-powered email assistant, designed to handle the burden of responding to inbound emails. This innovative tool connects seamlessly with your Gmail or Outlook inbox, allowing ChatGPT to generate draft responses based on your provided context or past conversations. With Auto-Gmail, you can save hours of work, enhance your customer support, and streamline your email communication process.

Use Cases

  • Efficient Email Management: Automate the process of drafting responses to inbound emails.
  • Enhanced Customer Support: Provide fast and empathetic responses to customer inquiries.
  • Time Savings: Save valuable time by having drafts ready when you open your inbox.


  • Inbox Integration: Seamlessly connect with Gmail or Outlook to access your emails.
  • Contextual Understanding: Provide context about your business or let the AI fetch it from past conversations.
  • Automated Drafts: Draft responses for unopened emails based on AI analysis.
  • Review and Edit: Review and edit drafts before sending to ensure accuracy.
  • 24/7 Availability: AI works around the clock to generate drafts, even when you're away.

Suited For

  1. Business Professionals: Streamline email responses and support tasks.
  2. Customer Support Teams: Empower teams to provide efficient and empathetic responses.
  3. Busy Individuals: Save time and effort in managing email communications.