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Assisterr is an AI-powered tool that provides Developer Relations Agents for Web3 organizations. It automates and consolidates manual developer support, improving documentation and providing insight. With Assisterr, you can scale the capacity of your devrel team and achieve dramatic cost savings.

It offers AI-powered ChatBots trained on technical developer documentation to automate repetitive devrel questions, identify and prioritize gaps in tech docs, and reduce response waiting time by 300x. It also provides up to 80% automation of support requests and serves as an end-to-end devrel solution for developer-facing organizations.


  • AI-powered ChatBots for automating developer support
  • Insight to improve documentation
  • Identification and prioritization of gaps in tech docs
  • Dramatic cost savings on devrel labor
  • Reduced response waiting time
  • Up to 80% automation of support requests
  • End-to-end devrel solution

Use Cases

  • Automated developer support
  • Developer onboarding
  • Improving documentation
  • Scaling devrel team
  • Reducing labor costs

Suited For

  • Web3 organizations
  • Developer-facing organizations


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