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AskAI is an affordable AI Customer Support Assistant that saves time for both customers and support teams by providing instant, conversational answers to customer questions and offering insights on customer inquiries. With AskAI, you can automate up to 75% of your customer support, improve response times, and reduce customer churn. The tool learns from your website and help documentation to answer user questions 24/7, and it seamlessly integrates with major live chat providers to enable AI and human handover. AskAI also provides actionable insights by extracting recurring issues, questions, bugs, and feature requests from customer conversations and summarizing them for quick action. Overall, AskAI is designed to streamline customer support and enhance customer success.


  • Learns from your website & docs to answer users' questions 24/7, in seconds not hours
  • AI + Human Handover — working with your existing support tools
  • Every customer conversation becomes an actionable insight

Use Cases

  • Automate customer support
  • Improve response times
  • Reduce customer churn
  • Extract actionable insights from customer conversations

Suited For

  • Customer support teams
  • Companies looking to improve their customer support efficiency