Arktan logo is a platform that allows users to showcase, discover, and create AI-generated art. It offers a creative community where artists and designers can explore AI-generated designs, images, and prompts. Users can also upvote or downvote artworks to show their appreciation or preference. provides a prompt library and a generator to help users create their own AI-generated art. The platform also allows users to login, share their art, and explore art by top community artists and designers. It is a place where AI and creativity come together to create unique and innovative art.


  • Community Art: Explore AI-generated designs, images, and art created by top community artists and designers.
  • Prompt Library: Get access to a library of prompts to help you create your own AI-generated art.
  • Upvoted: Show your appreciation for AI-generated art by upvoting your favorite pieces.
  • Generate Art: Use the AI-powered generator to create your own unique art.
  • Login: Create an account and login to access additional features.
  • Share Art: Share your AI-generated art with the community and get feedback.

Use Cases

  • Showcasing AI-generated art
  • Discovering AI-generated art
  • Creating AI-generated art
  • Exploring AI-generated designs and images

Suited For

  • Artists
  • Designers
  • AI enthusiasts


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