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Arcwise AI is an AI analyst tool that allows users to conduct analysis directly in their Google Sheet, leveraging AI and visualizations to gain insights from their data. With features like building reports, drill down analysis, and letting AI write the code for you, Arcwise AI simplifies and accelerates the data analysis process.


  • Work directly inside Google Sheets
  • Leverage AI to get the right data and build your first pass
  • Build visualizations and transform data into trends
  • Build reports that join all your data
  • Get contextualized results and identify key metrics
  • Let AI write code for you with no code or SQL required
  • Access and search all your dashboards and data stacks
  • Ask questions of your data and get instant responses
  • Visualize data patterns and trends
  • Double click into results, correct errors, and find drivers of changes
  • Bring your own model or let Arcwise build one for you
  • Optimize your model based on user feedback

Use Cases

  • Data analysis directly in Google Sheets
  • Generating insights and visualizations from data
  • Build reports and analyze data at a granular level
  • Identify key metrics and drivers of changes
  • Streamline data analysis process with AI assistance

Suited For

  • Individuals and teams conducting data analysis in Google Sheets
  • Businesses of all sizes that want to leverage AI for data analysis
  • Analysts and data professionals looking for an AI-powered data analysis tool