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Animaker’s Subtitle Generator is an online tool that utilizes AI technology to automatically generate subtitles and captions for various types of videos, such as movies, home videos, TikToks, reels, and YouTube shorts. With just one click, users can upload their video files, transcribe the speech, and instantly download the accurate subtitles. The tool also offers formatting options to make the subtitles visually appealing, including 20+ cool animations. Additionally, users have the ability to manually edit the generated subtitles and correct any mistakes. The Subtitle Generator supports auto translation to 100+ languages, breaking language barriers and making videos accessible to a global audience. By adding subtitles, users can improve the retention metrics of their videos and help viewers better understand the content. Animaker’s Subtitle Generator is a versatile tool suitable for individuals and businesses looking to enhance their videos and reach a larger audience.


  • Automatic subtitle generation using AI technology
  • Speech recognition and transcription
  • Ability to manually edit and correct subtitles
  • 20+ cool animations for formatting subtitles
  • Auto translation to 100+ languages

Use Cases

  • Generating subtitles for movies
  • Adding captions to home videos
  • Creating subtitles for TikToks, reels, and YouTube shorts
  • Improving video retention metrics
  • Breaking language barriers and reaching a global audience

Suited For

  • Content creators
  • Video editors
  • Social media influencers
  • Marketing professionals
  • Educators