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TONGYI Lingma is an AI coding assistant, based on TONGYI large language model developed by Alibaba Cloud. TONGYI Lingma provides line or method level code generation, natural language to code, unit test generation, comment generation, code explanation, AI coding chat and document/code search etc., aiming to provide developers with efficient, flowing and graceful coding experience.


  • Line or method level code generation
  • Natural language to code conversion
  • Unit test generation
  • Comment generation
  • Code explanation
  • AI coding chat
  • Document/code search

Use Cases

  • Generating code suggestions in real-time
  • Writing code and comments in natural language
  • Generating unit tests
  • Generating method and inline comments
  • Providing code explanations
  • Assisting with AI coding
  • Searching for documents and code

Suited For

  • Developers
  • Programmers
  • Coding enthusiasts