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AIGUR is a tool that allows teams to easily build, collaborate, deploy, and manage their Generative AI flows.

With AIGUR's NoCode editor, users can create Generative AI flows by dragging and dropping AI blocks and configuring their interactions.

Teams can collaborate on building flows using Figma-like collaboration tools and gather feedback by sharing 'mini-apps' with colleagues or external customers.

AIGUR also provides monitoring tools to gain visibility into flow execution, and features to manage and fine-tune flows without affecting production.


  • NoCode editor for creating Generative AI flows
  • Collaboration tools for team building
  • Automatically created 'mini-apps' for feedback
  • Simple API integration for web/mobile applications
  • Monitoring tools for flow visibility
  • Management features for health and fine-tuning

Use Cases

  • Quickly build and prototype Generative AI flows
  • Collaborate with team members on AI flow development
  • Gather feedback from colleagues or external customers
  • Integrate AI flows into web or mobile applications
  • Monitor flow execution and performance
  • Manage and fine-tune flows without disrupting production

Suited For

  • Teams of all sizes working with Generative AI