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Aiblocks is a free Web3 AI image generation platform that aims to empower communities to create great content. It provides users with the ability to generate AI-generated images using advanced options and different styles. Users can sign in to the platform and get started with 1000 credits to use for generating images. Aiblocks offers features like PFP (profile picture) generation, inscribing text, and generating images of BitApes, among others.


  • - Free Web3 AI image generation platform
  • - Focus on empowering communities to create great content
  • - Generate AI-generated images
  • - Sign in and get started with 1000 credits
  • - PFP (profile picture) generation
  • - Inscribe text on generated images
  • - Generate images of BitApes
  • - Advanced options for image customization
  • - Different styles available

Use Cases

  • - Creating unique profile pictures (PFPs)
  • - Generating AI images for social media posts
  • - Designing artwork or illustrations
  • - Enhancing content creation with AI-generated images
  • - Generating custom images for websites or blogs

Suited For

  • - Content creators
  • - Artists and designers
  • - Social media influencers
  • - Web developers
  • - Bloggers