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Blend Studio's AI Studio is a tool that allows you to easily create professional product photos and designs by generating realistic backgrounds using artificial intelligence. Simply upload your photo, describe the desired background scene, and the AI will generate stunning designs for you to download. With features like editing size and margins, as well as the ability to save presets, you can easily customize and enhance your product photos in just a few clicks.


  • AI background generator
  • Simple prompt-based interaction
  • Editing size and margins
  • Save presets

Use Cases

  • Increase conversion rates of listings on Shopify Store
  • Enhance Etsy listing photos for more visits and sales
  • Create realistic car photoshoots for car dealerships
  • Generate profile photos and thumbnails for social media influencers

Suited For

  • Online sellers
  • DTC brands
  • Etsy shop owners
  • Car dealerships
  • Influencers