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AI Duh is a Chrome extension built by Hostaway that uses AI-powered responses to reduce writing time by 98%.

It draws on property-specific knowledge, guest data, and previous chat history to generate high-quality responses.

The AI models used are OpenAI GPT3 Davinci-003 and GPT NeoX 20B, which provide responses with a quality score of 4 or 5 in 88.2% of cases.

The pricing for the Chrome extension is estimated to be $95/month/listing after the beta period, with a current beta price of $49/month/listing.


  • AI-powered response generation
  • Integration with Hostaway platform
  • Property-specific knowledge document
  • Drawing on guest data and previous chat history
  • High-quality responses with a score of 4 or 5 in 88.2% of cases

Use Cases

  • Automating guest communication
  • Reducing writing time and effort
  • Improving guest experience with prompt and accurate responses

Suited For

  • Hosts using the Hostaway platform


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