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AI Query is a tool that allows users to generate complex SQL queries quickly and easily using simple English prompts. It utilizes state-of-the-art AI models from OpenAI GPT and Google PaLM 2 to provide accurate results.

With AI Query, anyone can create efficient SQL queries without needing prior knowledge of SQL syntax or databases. Its intuitive interface allows users to define their database tables easily, and they can also use the SQL to English Translator to understand complex SQL code in simple English.


  • Generate complex SQL queries in seconds
  • Use simple English prompts to create queries
  • Utilizes AI models from OpenAI GPT and Google PaLM 2
  • Define database schema with an intuitive dashboard interface
  • Translate SQL to English for better understanding
  • Flexible pricing options

Use Cases

  • Creating complex SQL queries without knowledge of SQL syntax
  • Understanding and interpreting existing SQL code
  • Defining and managing database schemas

Suited For

  • Data analysts
  • Database administrators
  • Software developers


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