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AI Picasso is a tool that allows you to create amazing artwork using powerful AI called Stable Diffusion. With AI Picasso, you can generate images from the text you enter and customize them in your preferred art style. Additionally, it offers features like creating AI avatars, AI avatar stamps, AI pets, AI profiles, and AI beauty makeovers that can be used on LINE. Enjoy making art with AI Picasso!


  • Generate images from text input
  • Customize images in preferred art style
  • Create AI avatars
  • Create AI avatar stamps for LINE
  • Transform pets into cute AI versions
  • Create accurate and attractive AI profiles
  • Try AI beauty makeovers

Use Cases

  • Creating artwork
  • Generating customized images
  • Making AI avatars and avatar stamps for LINE
  • Transforming pets into AI versions
  • Creating accurate and attractive AI profiles
  • Trying out AI beauty makeovers

Suited For

  • Artists
  • Designers
  • Social media enthusiasts
  • People looking for creative and unique profile pictures on social media platforms
  • LINE users looking to create personalized AI avatar stamps