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Agnaistic is a free AI tool that allows users to chat with multiple users and multiple characters at the same time. It also provides features like image generation, voice capabilities, and custom presets for response generation.


  • Free to use and register
  • Privacy-focused with the ability to permanently delete data
  • Chat with multiple users and characters simultaneously
  • Create Memory Books to provide character information
  • Image generation using Horde, NovelAI, or personal Stable Diffusion server
  • Voice capabilities for characters
  • Custom presets for response generation

Use Cases

  • Engaging in multi-user, multi-character conversations
  • Generating images for use in chat interactions
  • Giving characters a voice and engaging in voice conversations

Suited For

  • Individuals looking to have multi-user, multi-character chat interactions
  • Content creators who need image generation and voice capabilities for their characters