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Adobe Firefly is an AI-powered tool that allows users to create beautiful images, transform text, play with color, and more using simple text prompts in over 100 languages. With Firefly, users can generate high-quality output, such as images, text effects, and fresh color palettes, and explore endless possibilities quickly and easily. Whether you want to create new content from reference images or add or remove objects from existing images, Firefly has got you covered.


  • Use simple text prompts in over 100 languages
  • Generate beautiful images
  • Transform text
  • Play with color
  • Create fresh color palettes
  • Make all-new content from reference images
  • Explore more possibilities quickly

Use Cases

  • Create beautiful images
  • Transform text
  • Generate fresh color palettes
  • Explore new possibilities in design

Suited For

  • Designers
  • Artists
  • Creative professionals
  • Content creators