Arktan logo is an all-in-one AI tool for advertising that helps users generate conversion-focused ad creatives, use AI for product photoshoots, and gain detailed competitor insights. It offers a comprehensive suite of tools for creating impactful ad texts and visuals to ensure that your campaigns stand out in a competitive market.

The tool is ideal for marketers seeking innovative, data-driven advertising strategies. It can be used by e-commerce stores, startups, marketing agencies, and enterprises looking for an unfair advantage through AI.


  • Generate conversion-focused ad creatives in minutes
  • Generate texts and headlines tailored to different advertising platforms
  • Access creative insights to see the performance of your ads
  • Generate social media post creatives for different platforms
  • Generate complete ad packages including ad creatives, texts, and audiences
  • Analyze your competitors' top-performing ads
  • Access a library of successful ads for inspiration
  • Generate video ads with high ROI
  • Transform product photos into professional-grade photoshoots
  • Score ad creatives before advertising to predict their performance

Use Cases

  • Create conversion-focused ad creatives
  • Improve click-through rates and conversion rates
  • Analyze competitor ads and gain insights
  • Generate social media post creatives
  • Create complete ad packages
  • Generate video ads
  • Enhance product photos for advertising
  • Predict the performance of ad creatives

Suited For

  • E-commerce stores
  • Startups
  • Marketing agencies
  • Enterprises