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Discover Acrylic: Unleash Your Creative Interior Designer

Acrylic empowers you to become your own interior designer, creating exquisite and personalized paintings with the help of AI. Transform your home decor with unique artwork that embodies your individual style, enhanced by our augmented reality preview feature.


Experience Acrylic, a revolutionary AI tool that allows you to craft personalized paintings for your home decor. Use augmented reality to preview artwork and create stunning pieces that express your unique style.

Use Cases

  • Personalized Home Decor: Decorate your home with custom paintings that reflect your style.
  • Augmented Reality Staging: Preview paintings in your own space using AR.


  • AI-Generated Artwork: Create unique paintings with the help of AI.
  • AR Preview: Visualize paintings in your living space using augmented reality.
  • High-Quality Images: Generate beautiful, high-quality artwork images quickly.
  • Easy Ordering: Order your creations as canvas paintings.
  • Intuitive Interface: Use preset selections or experiment with your own ideas.
  • Convenient Purchase: Seamlessly buy using Apple Pay from the app.

Suited For

Acrylic is a perfect choice for individuals who want to create unique, personalized home decor:

  • Homeowners and Interior Design Enthusiasts